Placid Platz Problem - location decision.) Potential...

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The Placid Platz Problem The community of Placid Platz wishes to establish a recycling program. Being a smaller rural community, it cannot afford a curbside collection program. Instead, it has decided to establish recycling centers to serve the ten neighborhoods under its jurisdiction. The task force formed to make recommendations on where the recycling centers should be located has identified nine potential locations. These sites satisfy all federal, state, and local zoning and environmental restrictions. From the results of a survey, the task force has determined that the citizens of Placid Platz will utilize recycling centers as long as they are within three miles of their neighborhood. For each potential recycling center location, the following table shows the cost of establishing the center and the neighborhoods that are within three miles. (Note: the ongoing cost of operating these centers is about the same regardless of the location. Hence, this does not need to be considered in the center
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Unformatted text preview: location decision.) Potential Location Cost (in $1,000) Neighborhoods within Three Miles A 60 1,7,8 B 150 2,3,9 C 110 3,5,6,9,10 D 140 1,4,7 E 90 3,5,6,9 F 50 5,7,8,10 G 80 1,7,8 H 130 2,3,9 I 170 5,6,9,10 The data in the first and third columns of the above table can be restated in terms of neighborhoods and potential locations within three miles of each neighborhood as in the following table (we will see that this second way of stating the data is helpful for constructing the Excel Solver model). Neighborhood Potential Locations within Three Miles 1 A,D,G 2 B,H 3 B,C,E,H 4 D 5 C,E,F,I 6 C,E,I 7 A,D,F,G 8 A,F,G 9 10 B,E,H,I C,F,I Where should the task force recommend recycling centers be located if they wish to provide convenient access to all neighborhoods at a minimum cost? What is the objective (target cell)? What are the decisions (changing cells)? What are the constraints?...
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Placid Platz Problem - location decision.) Potential...

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