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8 Neurons and the CNS

8 Neurons and the CNS - Biology141(Physiology 1:01 AM...

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4/6/08 1:01 AM Biology141 (Physiology) Page 1 of 3 https://courses.bio.psu.edu/spring2008/biol141/Lecture%208(2008).htm Biology141 (Physiology) Lecture 8 M. Whim NEURONS AND THE CNS. [1]. BACKGROUND. (a). What is the nervous system? central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). peripheral nervous system (all the rest: nerves and ganglia). (b). What cell types comprise the nervous system? neurons (basic functional units, conduct electrical impulses and release chemical transmitters). supporting cells (in the CNS are called glial cells, several different types). [2]. NEURONS. (a). Each part of the neuron has a specialized role. cell body, dendrites, axon. What is the role of each? nerve impulses originate at the axon hillock . molecules transported within a neuron by axonal transport (in both directions) using microtubules. what are nerves? neuron cell bodies are grouped together in clusters (both in CNS and PNS). (b). Classification of neurons.
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