As the use of unmarked cars grows this method becomes

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Unformatted text preview: cover as well. Use your mirrors A significant percentage of people are caught by police cars sneaking up on them from behind. As the use of unmarked cars grows, this method becomes more popular. What can you do? Use your mirrors more. Frequent quick glances can alert you to a suspicious vehicle that may be approaching you from the rear. Unmarked cars can be tough to spot, especially since police in many states are using non-traditional vehicles. I have personally seen Camaros, Mustangs and SUVs used as unmarked police cars. Be aware of what is behind you, and beside you. Look at on ramps as you pass them. You may be able to spot a police car about to enter the highway you are on. Motorcycle cops These can be particularly tough to spot, as the motorcycle is so much smaller. Your best defense here is awareness, blocking and watching the traffic ahead. Follow that Truck! Following trucks, especially using them as blockers, is a great strategy; particularly on the open road. Why? Trucks almost always have CB radios and they pay a lot of attention to avoiding tickets since it is their livelihood. Plus, they have a better view up there! Just don’t follow them too closely, they hate that and it isn’t safe. If you have a CB, you can use that as well. There are cheap radios available from electronics stores that are no bigger than a walkie talkie and can provide you with warnings if you monitor Channel 19. Summary Granted, none of these tactics are rocket science. Most are just plain common sense. The point is to think about them all together as a strategy. This will make you more aware of the potential traps out there, and greatly decrease your chances of being caught speeding. A nice side benefit of these techniques is that most actually make you a safer driver. Looking further ahead on the road is something most driving instructors preach, and something most drivers do not do. Racing instructors call it, “Keeping your eyes high”. In the next chapter, we’ll cover what you should d...
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