Do not look for your license or registration for all

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Unformatted text preview: rk, stop the engine, turn off the radio, take off your sunglasses (It’s his prerogative to try to intimidate you) and put both hands on the steering wheel. Do not look for your license or registration. For all the officer knows, you are reaching for a gun. And they hate that. You don’t want him edgy. You want him to know that you are no threat to harm him or attempt a getaway. If it is night, put on your interior lights so he can see you have nothing to hide. Don’t let anyone else in your car say anything. What should you say? Well let’s start off with what not to say. There are those who claim you should apologize profusely to the officer for speeding in the hopes he will let you go. In fact, what you have just done is convict yourself and eliminated the chance of an effective court challenge. Don’t say you are sorry. Don’t ever admit to speeding. In many cases, the first thing a cop will say to you is, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” The best answer to this is, “No officer, I thought I was driving safely”. This does two things. It sounds good in court should it come up. And it shows the officer you were concerned with safety and thinking about it. (of course, I’m presuming you weren’t doing 115 mph, in which case there’s not much help for you - you are getting the ticket.) If the officer is in a lecture delivery mood today, be his attentive audience. Don’t argue. Don’t debate. Don’t threaten or ask for his badge number. Don’t give him some lame excuse. You want to be as innocuous and un-memorable as possible. That will help you in court when you challenge. Take your ticket, thank the officer politely, and pull out safely. What excuses work? Not many. The Bathroom Emergency can work sometimes, especially with a child. But only if it’s true and/or your kid is a gifted actor. It’s not much to rely on. The problem with excuses is, they are very tough to use without also admitting that you were going fast. And that will hurt you in court. The better strategy,...
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