Do you myth 7 display i support the police chiefs

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Unformatted text preview: w through you. Or you were being chased, or tailgated, or threatened by some road-rage maniac. The only way this is going to work is if the officer will testify to the maniac or the tailgater. But if he saw that, he would have pulled over the other guy. Judges hear this all the time and they don’t fall for it unless you’ve got smoking gun evidence. Do you? Myth 7: Display “I Support the Police Chiefs” sticker Doesn’t work. Never did. Do you really think the officer will let himself be bought off for a $5 bumper sticker? In fact, many think these are actually an insult to the police since displaying them for this purpose is really the only reason they exist. Myth 8: Have a great excuse ready You are poor. You have to go to the bathroom. You are late for a very important meeting. You are up past curfew and you mother is going to ground you. There are literally books you can buy filled with excuses to use. The book may be a great laugh, but it isn’t a ticket defense strategy. It’s entertainment. Any one of these may have worked for someone. But none is reliable and many will simply irritate the officer. As we mentioned in one of the earlier emails, the less you say, the better. Myth 9: The officer took a reading on the wrong vehicle This is a common defense myth in which you claim that there was an 18 wheeler behind you who was going fast and the radar gun actually took his reading. You have two eye witnesses that there was a truck. Guess what. This defense doesn’t work because the officer will simply testify that he took the correct reading. He may even testify that he also saw the truck, but that it was far away enough that he was certain that the radar reading was for you. Besides, in his expert opinion, he could visually estimate your speed anyway. Here’s a sample transcript of this played out in court as you are cross examining the officer: You: Officer Stone, did you also observe an 18 wheel truck on the same highway, going in the same direction as...
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