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Unformatted text preview: over and the first thing the cop said was, “I see you have a radar detector. Do you speed frequently?” I can tell you, there isn’t a good answer to that one. So will I still use a radar detector? You bet. Because it’s saved me too many times to stop using one. But here are a few strategies to consider. First, get a good detector. There are a number of sites on the net that rate and review them. Valentine One and Passport 8500 are frequently reviewed with high marks. One of the keys to a good detector is the capability to filter out false alarms. Second, consider a remote radar detector. These units separate the antenna from the controls and speaker so that you can hide them. The antenna is hidden behind the grill and the control-unit is typically under the dash or someplace else out of the way so that a cop can’t see it when you drive by or when he pulls you over. I bought a good remote radar detector for my sports car on eBay and I’m glad I have it every day. It is a Passport SR-1 and it detects all types of radar as well as laser, although I’ve never heard the laser go off. eBay ALWAYS has lots of good radar detectors on sale for huge savings. Click here to see current radar detector auctions. The other strategy is to mount the detector for fast removal, and put it in front of you so you can get to it without being obvious. If you get pulled over despite your detector, quickly remove it, plug the cigarette lighter back in, and wipe off the suction cup marks. If you are driving in a lot of traffic, you might want to simply remove your radar detector anyway as it won’t help. In that situation, it’s more likely you will get bagged by an unmarked car that is pacing you. By the way, my Case Dismissed ebook has a particularly devastating defense against the unmarked car. If that’s what got you, check it out at http://www.BeatMySpeedingTicket.com. Use a blocker This technique is one of the best, and quite simple. Just wait until a faster car goes by, then follow him from a distance. E...
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