Imagine their dismay when the cameras recorded how

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Unformatted text preview: d proven effective. (Of course, the police were assuming it would not be effective when they agreed to test it in front of news cameras. Imagine their dismay when the cameras recorded how well it worked.) If you drive in a state with any of these camera systems, applying this spray offers some protection from these questionable law-enforcement/revenue tactics. Click here to see the news report testing the PhotoBlocker Spray. If You Get a Ticket - What to do, What not to do If you are like 115,000 drivers per day, you have felt that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you realize that siren or those lights are for you and that you are being pulled over. What should you do? What do you say to the officer? Does it really matter? Should you have an excuse? This is what we’ll cover in this chapter. First, Try the Wave Most people, when they realize that a cop may have taken notice of their speeding, will look straight ahead and ignore the cop. This is the wrong strategy. The better idea is to catch the cop’s eye and give him a slight wave, as if to say, “I just noticed and I’ll slow down now”. This is exactly what an off-duty cop would do. You should immediately slow down to the speed limit. And saying a couple of prayers during the brief period as the cop is deciding whether to pull you over or not couldn’t hurt. What should you do? If you are getting pulled over, your objective is to get a warning and not a ticket. The officer has a lot of leeway on which one he gives you. So you want to take any action you can to encourage him to give you a warning and not a ticket. First, if you are caught, immediately put on your blinker and look for a safe place to pull over. Each year officers are killed on roadsides during traffic stops, and this is something they are continually trained and drilled on. You can help put the officer at ease by pulling far over in a spot where there is room for him to get out of harm’s way. Once you have pulled over, put your car in pa...
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