Prosecution your honor the defendant admitted to

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Unformatted text preview: ve you can find the requested paperwork in thirty minutes? A: I don't know your Honor, I don't even know if we have them here or if they are located somewhere else. THE COURT: Motion denied, please continue. DEFENDANT: The defense motions for dismissal as the prosecution has failed to prove to a legal degree of certainty that the measuring device used was accurate and functioning properly at the time of the arrest. PROSECUTION: Your Honor, the defendant admitted to speeding to the officer at the time of the arrest. DEFENDANT: Your Honor, the defendant is charged with traveling at 46 mph, something the prosecution has failed to prove. THE COURT: Case Dismissed, Please call the next case Mrs. Cleary --------------------------------As you can see, it is possible to beat a ticket without hiring a high-priced attorney. You just need to know what to ask and how to say it. Hopefully, you found some good ideas in BUSTED that will help you avoid getting a speeding ticket. And now you know more about what to say and do to maximize the chance of getting off with a warning instead of a ticket if you are pulled over. You are also aware that many of the excuses you may have heard about are largely ineffective. Certainly, they are nothing to base your ticket avoidance strategy on. Finally, you are now aware of our other book, Case Dismissed. If you do have a speeding ticket, or want to be prepared if you happen to get one, Case Dismissed provides the most effective legal strategy to have your charges dropped in court. For information on the exact techniques and legal strategies you can use to maximize your odds of beating your ticket, visit our web site for info on How to Beat Your Speeding Ticket. © Copyright 2008 by Jeff Mulligan...
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