The court sergeant fornbe do you have such

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Unformatted text preview: sent to the court a certification from such a facility as to the last time the speedometer on the car you used that day was calibrated and certified? PROSECUTOR: The witness has testified as to the accuracy of the speedometer THE DEFENDANT: Your honor the witness has testified that he has no formal training in either speedometer repair or calibration and as such can not testify as to the accuracy of the Speedometer. THE COURT: Sergeant Fornbe, do you have such documentation as requested by the defense? A: I am certain that we do, the police department is in the basement of this court house, we have our records there. PROSECUTOR: Your Honor, had the witness wanted such records she should have requested them prior to trial. DEFENDANT: Your Honor, it is not the function of the defense to present foundation as to the prosecutions evidence. PROSECUTOR: Your Honor, I notice the Defendant reading from material, copies of which have not been made available to the Prosecution. I request the court order the Defense to make available for review the papers from which she is reading? DEFENDANT: Your Honor, these are my trial notes and I object to turning over to the prosecution my notes. they are not presented as evidence and contain my defense strategy. THE COURT: Motion denied, DEFENDANT: Does this mean I have to turn over my notes to the prosecution your honor? THE COURT: No, it means the prosecution at present has no right to see your notes. However you may show them to him if you so wish. PROSECUTOR: Your Honor the prosecution requests this trial be continued next week in order for the Prosecution to find the paperwork requested by the defense? DEFENDANT: I object your honor, the trial is today and if the prosecution failed to bring documents necessary for foundation the prosecution should move on without them. PROSECUTOR: Your Honor, may we have thirty minuets to search for them in the police station? THE COURT: Are you asking the court to take a thirty minute recess. We have twenty people here waiting for their trial. Sergeant Jones, do you belie...
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