Then the insurance company is notified and you start

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Unformatted text preview: a relatively new myth making the urban legend rounds. You overpay your fine and the state can’t convict you or charge you until the paperwork is sorted out. The idea sounds plausible. But you never actually hear of it working from the person. It’s always a reliable source, a friend of a friend, or some web page. Two problems: As soon as you are found guilty, that is entered into the state’s record. Then the insurance company is notified and you start getting surcharges. The court records or the insurance companies don’t give a hoot how much you paid - that’s another department. Don’t give your state credit for having their different IT systems that organized. Or for even caring if you overpaid the fine. So there you have it. 13 myths of ticket defense. How many have you heard before? Some of these might still work occasionally. But none are a reliable defense. To beat a speeding ticket, you’ve got to beat the evidence. You are being charged with going a specific speed. You must show that the prosecution cannot prove that speed is true. And this is exactly what Case Dismissed helps you do. Check out How to Fight a Speeding Ticket Actual Trial Transcript This is a transcript of an actual trial where the defendant was well prepared with the strategies found in Case Dismissed. The defendant was the daughter of the original author of the information on which Case Dismissed is based. She is a registered nurse with no legal experience whatsoever. IN THE MUNICIPAL COURT OF WEBSTER GROVES MISSOURI, THIRD CIRCUIT, ST. LOUIS COUNTY CASE NUMBER: 24-99-8736J Hearing Date: June 3, 2001 Defendant. (Blank) Reported by: Peter Knap: Court Reporter Trial Judge: Hon. Fredric M. Potts COUNSEL OF RECORD: Adam P. Fornbe Esq. For the Defendant: Pro Se The Municipal Court calls Sergeant Francis Jones as witness, having been previously duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows: DIRECT EXAMINATION BY MR. Fornbe Q Officer, Please state your name and spell your last name for the record. A Sergeant F...
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