This works especially well with sports cars and

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Unformatted text preview: njoy the fact that he is up ahead there, flushing out the police and warning you with his brake lights. This works especially well with sports cars and trucks as blockers. Sports cars are cop magnets (I should know) and trucks can do a lot of blocking. Plus, trucks have other advantages we’ll talk about later. Watch the oncoming traffic Sometimes you get lucky and a kind-hearted motorist coming the other way will warn you about speed traps ahead. There are a couple of standard warnings: the headlight blinking and .the wave. Only a small percentage of people will warn others, so this isn’t a reliable method. But you should always be looking for it. It has saved me many times. Do you warn oncoming motorists when you see a trap? If so, be careful the copy you just passed can’t see you in the act of warning. Watch the traffic ahead What you are looking for here is the sudden application of brake lights for no apparent reason. To be effective, you’ve got to look considerably farther ahead than you are used to doing. Take frequent glances ahead, especially on highways when the cars ahead of you are rounding a corner, passing a bridge or hiding place in the median or cresting a hill. That’s where the traps are, and almost everyone instinctively hits their brakes when they see a cop, even if they aren’t speeding. This is a simple matter of increasing your awareness and it can be hugely effective. Beware the median strip The area between the two lanes of a highway is where you will often see police waiting for speeders. One great tactic here is to think like a cop. Where would you hide? The U-turn roads that are typically marked for “authorized vehicles only” are frequent lairs for cops in waiting. So always beware of those areas. If you are coming up to one and you don’t have a blocker or traffic that could warn you with their brake lights, it is best to slow down. Cops also love to take cover in the median as you crest a hill or round a corner. Bridge abutments can provide good...
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