We just think its a good idea to have some legal

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Unformatted text preview: tential danger of losing your license? Second, what are the costs of fighting the ticket? Case Dismissed ..........$29.97 (OK . that’s just what we recommend because it’s our product, you don’t have to buy any information. We just think it’s a good idea to have some legal strategy.) Intangibles: Your time preparing and in court.....$ Bottom line: It costs a lot more to pay. And even if you are wealthy, too many points and you lose your license. Odds of Winning Interesting fact: The National Motorist Association estimates that over 50% of people who fight their tickets win. And the majority of those who do not have their charges dropped get them reduced or bargained down. Think about that for a moment. If you simply contest your ticket and show up in court, your chances are 50/50 of walking away with no ticket. Personally, if I am going to take the time off from work to go to court, I’m going to put the odds on my side as much as possible. Which means getting the best information I can find. In fact, that information is exactly what you’ll get in Case Dismissed. Interesting sideline: If you are fighting your speeding ticket and you are hiring an attorney, you should still get Case Dismissed. Because while the best traffic ticket lawyers will use these tactics, most don’t even know about them. Plus, Case Dismissed comes with the relevant case law and precedents. Your lawyer will likely charge you by the hour to look up the stuff you can hand him if you have Case Dismissed. What? You say. How come attorneys don’t know this stuff? After 4 years of law school?? Well I’ve got news for you. Defending traffic tickets isn’t exactly the most prestigious of case work. They can’t make any real money on it and even if they could, traffic is often considered the dregs of law work. You might get an excellent attorney, but how much time are they going to spend researching your case? Have they studied all the precedents? Do they know the legal basis for all the...
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