You have a very good chance of beating a speeding

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Unformatted text preview: foundation of evidence necessary for each method of speeding measurement? Fact is, a knowledgeable attorney who enjoys traffic ticket defense and is good at it is a rare individual. In most cases, you are better off fighting the ticket yourself. Why? You have a very good chance of beating a speeding ticket without a lawyer and the associated expense if you are prepared. And you will be if you get Case Dismissed. You will have, at your fingertips, the most effective defense techniques for the primary methods the police use: radar, laser, paced by a marked or unmarked police car. You will have the appropriate case law, printed out and ready to hand to the prosecution and judge. You will have the proper questions laid out before you. By the way, it is perfectly OK to read from notes during your trial. So there’s nothing wrong with printing out the questions in Case Dismissed and bringing them along. Further, you will have the confidence of understanding the strategy you are about to use and knowing why it will work. Although Case Dismissed is based on legal precedent, and edited by an attorney, it is written for normal people like you and me. People who haven’t got 4 years of law school under their belt. People who don’t usually get any closer to a courtroom than some TV show. What to Plead When you’ve got a ticket, you can either plead guilty and send in your money (Boooo). Or you can plead Nolo Contendre and send in your money (Boooo). Or you can plead not guilty and get a court date. That is what you should do if you want to beat your ticket. Note: A lot of people plead Nolo Contendre as if that was some kind of strategy. It’s got the exact same results as if you plead guilty in terms of your fine and insurance. You need to read your ticket carefully if you are going to plead not guilty. There may be instructions on what you need to do if you want the officer to show up. States vary. There is much more information about this in Case Dismissed. Remember: The costs for getting a speeding ticket don’t stop at the fine. In fact they are only s...
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