When i had occasion to observe a blue toyota four

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Unformatted text preview: rancis Jones, J O N E S Q How are you employed, sir? A By the City of Webster Groves Police department. Q On 03/11 of 2001 did you issue a speeding Citation No. 42-2687-9696 ? A Yes, I did. Q To whom did you issue that Citation? A To the Lady at the Defense table Mrs. (name-blank) Q Why did you issue her a Citation? A On the date of the violation, March 3, 2001, on or about 11 AM, I was driving along Big Bend Blvd. when I had occasion to observe a Blue Toyota Four Runner enter the street from the right and proceed at what appeared to be a great rate of speed. I followed the defendant for several blocks and noted the speed at 46 MPH. the speed limit on Big Bend Blvd is 25 MPH. Q And how is it that you ascertained this speed, using which device? A The speedometer on the Police car that I was driving. Q To your knowledge was that speedometer functioning properly and recording accurately on the day and at the time of the arrest? A Yes Q If the speedometer should fail or not read accurately, are there any indications that such may be the situation? A Yes, the speedometer would start fluctuating, stick or go to zero if it failed. Q On the date of the arrest, before and within a reasonable time after the arrest did you observe any such failure indications on your speedometer? A No. Q Did Mrs. (name blank) say anything at her arrest that may be noteworthy to bring to the court's attention? A. She said that she knew she was going fast and did not realize she was going 46 MPH THE COURT: Without objection the statement is Admitted . Mr. Fornbe: I have no further Questions. THE COURT: Mrs. (name blank) You may take the stand or ask questions if you wish. THE DEFENDANT: Yes. Sergeant Fornbe, do you have any formal training in either speedometer repair or calibration? A: No. THE DEFENDANT: Does your police department regularly check and certify the speedometers used on the department’s police cars? A: I am certain that they do. THE DEFENDANT:: Do you have any direct knowledge as to that fact? A: No, but I am certain that the department does do these checks. THE DEFENDANT: Sergeant Fornbe, then please pre...
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