hw8 - First contact for questions is TA Guoliang...

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My UW | UW Search Computer Science Home Page > ~markhill Home Contact Info Schedule LC-3 Simulator Grading Examinations Homework CS/ECE 252  Introduction to  Computer  Engineering Fall 2007 All Sections Instructors Mark D. Hill and Mikko Lipasti TAs Sanghamitra Roy, Eric Hill, Samuel Javner, Natalie Enright Jerger, & Guoliang Jin Homework 8 // Due at  Lecture Fri Dec 7 Instructions: You should do this homework in a group of TWO or THREE students from the SAME 252 section. You should hand in ONE copy of the homework that lists the common section number and names and UW ID numbers of all students. You should staple multiple pages together.
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Legibly write the name, ID number and section number of each person working in your homework group at the top of each page of your homework. The name written must be the legal name you used when enrolling at UW. Warning: Most homeworks will use questions from your textbook, Patt and Patel's Introduction to Computing Systems , which we abbreviate ( ItCS
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Unformatted text preview: ) . First contact for questions is TA Guoliang Jin ([email protected]) Problem 1 Problem 8.11 on page 216 of ItCS. Problem 2 An LC-3 program is provided below: .ORIG x3000 LD R3, A STI R3, KBSR AGAIN LD R0, B TRAP x21 BRnzp AGAIN A .FILL x4000 B .FILL x0032 KBSR .FILL xFE00 .END a. What does this program do? b. What is the purpose of bit[15] in the KBSR? Problem 3 Problem 9.17 on page 246 of ItCS. Problem 4 Regarding "RFID Inside" on RFID implants http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~markhill/cs 252/Fall2007/handouts/spectrum07 _rfid_ethics.pdf a. Give two different potential benefits of RFID implants. b. Give two different potential drawbacks of RFID implants. c. In what way was Wisconsin mentioned in the article? Computer Sciences | UW Home Page last modified: Friday, 30-Nov-2007 10:38:37 CST Feedback or content questions: send email to Technical or accessibility issues: [email protected] Copyright © 2002, 2003 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System....
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hw8 - First contact for questions is TA Guoliang...

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