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Gendered Workplace: The Glass Escalator Hiring and promotion: preference for males and men being “tracked” Environment and networking: male workers and male supervisors Easier for them to bond and get promoted Discrimination from outsiders: stereotypes and reputation risk Men in female position can be a minority ,but they benefit in terms of being “pri vi leged”… a man Gendered Workplace transition to Education Schools:sites of gendered socialization Unequal treatment of boys and girls Boys are more likely to have their misbehavior overlooked Girls are more likely to be obedient and be discourages from subjects like math and
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Unformatted text preview: science Girls face sexual harassment Gendered Politics Uneven distribution of men and women Gender Ethnicity and Class interlocking and intersectionality Black feminist thought: response to liberal feminism Structures of domination Functionalism We have to adjust to certain roles we have in society Focus on how societies maintain stability Naturally produces homeostasis (Goffman) Social roles and norms that just exist Larger perspective Dramaturgy Smaller scale Woman student I go to school do homework...
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