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Use of Numbers

Use of Numbers - 1300 nails counted or weighed • Use...

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Use of Numbers Significant figures digits believed to be correct by the person making the measurement Measure a mile with a 6 inch ruler vs. surveying equipment Scientific notation for logarithms take the log of 2.40 x 10 3 log(2.40 x 10 3 ) = 3.380 o How many significant figures? Imbedded zeroes are always significant 3.0604 has five significant figures Significant Figures - Rules Leading zeroes are never significant 0.000357 has three significant figures Trailing zeroes may be significant must specify significance by how the number is written
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Unformatted text preview: 1300 nails - counted or weighed? • Use scientific notation to remove doubt 2.40 x 10 3 has ? significant figures Exact numbers have an infinite number of significant figures. – 12 inches IS 1 foot – 100 cm IS 1 meter – 60 minutes IS 1 hour – Multiplication & Division rule Easier of the two rules Product has the smallest number of significant figures of multipliers • Addition & Subtraction rule More subtle than the multiplication rule Answer contains smallest decimal place of the addends....
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