1.3.2 - Le soir = the night Lundi = Monday Mardi = Tuesday...

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1.3 Cont. Avoir = to have J’ai (I have) Tu as (you have) Il/elle a (he/she has) Nous avons (we have) Vous avez (you have) Ils/ellse ont (they have) Ne…pas de expresses not having any Je n’ai pas de soeurs = I don’t have any sisters Nous n’avons pas d’oncle = we don’t have an uncle Days of the week Le matin = morning
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Unformatted text preview: Le soir = the night Lundi = Monday Mardi = Tuesday Mercredi = Wednesday Jeudi = Thursday Vendredi = Friday Samedi = Saturday Dimanche = Sunday Regarder = to look at or watch Je regarde Tu regardes Il/elle/on regarde Nous regardons Vous regardez Ils/ells regardent...
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