1.3.3 - Un home =man Premier =first Un an = one year Avoir...

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1.3 Mon cousin,il joue du piano = My cousin,he plays piano Qui = who Comment = how Pitch and Intonation can be used to form questions Pets Un chat = cat Un chien = dog Un oiseau = bird Characteristics Calm = calme Confromiste = conformist Dynamique = dynamic Optimiste = optimistic Pessimiste = pessimistic Raisonnable = reasonable Sociable = outgoing Sympa = nice Timide = shy Various words Chez = at the home of Chez nous = at our place Habiter = to live
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Unformatted text preview: Un home =man Premier =first Un an = one year Avoir = to have Le jour = the day La semaine = the week Maintenant = now Aimer = to like Arriver = to arrive La radio = the radio Inviter = to invite Au bureau = at the office Une guitar = a guitar Le foot = soccer Le golf = golf avec = with ensemble = together si = yes (after a negative question) typique = typical...
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