Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - • Nous suivons • Vous suivez • Ils/ells...

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Chapter 3 Imperative -e when speaking to someone with whom you are on informal terms Ferme la porte = shut the door Donne-moi le cahier = give me the notebook -ez when speaking to more than one person or to someone with whom you are on formal tems Parlez plus fort = speak louder -ons to make suggestions to a group which you are a part of Jouons au cartes = let’s play cards Regardons un film = let’s watch a film Suivre = to follow; to take ( a course) Je suis Tu suis Il/elle/on suit
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Unformatted text preview: • Nous suivons • Vous suivez • Ils/ells suivent Likes and Dislikes • Aimer bien =to like fairly well • Aimer = to like of to love • Aimer beaucoup = to like a lot • Adorer = to adore General Vocabulary • Dans = in • Devant = in front of • En face de = across from • Loin de = far from • Nouveau/nouvel/nouvelle = new • Tous = all • Se trouver = to be located • Une voiture =a car • Le calcul = calculus • L’espagnol = Spanish • L’allemand = german...
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