Seasons - Il y a du tonnere = theres thunder Il pleut = its...

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Seasons Quell temps fait-il = what’s the weather like Il fait beau= it’s beautiful weather Le ciel est bleu =the sky is blue Il y a du brouillard = it’s foggy Il y ades nuages = it’s cloudy Il y a du vent = it’s windy Il fait lours = it’s humid Il neige = it’s snowing Il y a du verglas =it’s icy/slippery Il y a un orage = there is a storm
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Unformatted text preview: Il y a du tonnere = theres thunder Il pleut = its raining Il fait chaud = its hot Il fait bon = its warm Il fait frais = its cool weather Il fait froid = its cold weather Au printemps = in the spring En automne = in the fall En hiver = in the winter...
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