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ENGR 210 (71274 SECTION 002) ENGINEERING STATICS SYLLABUS FOR FALL 2011 This course will provide you with the ability to understand and apply physical and mathematical concepts of static equilibrium. The principles and procedures you will learn in this course are applied every day by engineers and scientists in many different ways. Following courses, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials and Fluid Mechanics, apply the same principles, so the principles you learn in this course will be invaluable. Course Objectives: After successfully completing this course, you will be able to: Determine the forces and moments acting upon a rigid body or system of rigid bodies; Construct clear and concise free-body diagrams for any rigid body or system of rigid bodies; Develop equations of equilibrium from free-body diagrams; Solve equations of equilibrium. Class meeting time: MW 6:00pm-7:15pm Instructor: Kotaro (Ko) Sasaki, Ph.D. Office: ET 206, Phone: 426-4027, Email: [email protected] Office Hours: 1:00- 2:30 MW or by appointment. Prerequisites: MATH 175 and PHYS 211 (with grade C or above) Textbook: Engineering Mechanics – Statics, 12 th ed. by R.C. Hibbeler. Pearson Prentice Hall (2009), ISBN-13: 978-0136077909 Grading Scale: Letter Grade Quality Points Percentage Grade A+ 4.0 97+ A 4.0 97-90 A- 3.7 >90-88 B+ 3.3 >88-86 B 3.0 >86-80 B- 2.7 >80-78 C+ 2.3 >78-76 C 2.0 >76-70 C- 1.7 >70-68 D+ 1.3 >68-66 D 1.0 >66-60 D- 0.7 >60-58 F 0.0 >58- Example: 77.5 will be considered as 78 and 77.4 will be considered as 77.
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Grading System: Homework: 10% Quiz: 20% In-class exams (3): 15% each Final exam (comprehensive): 25% Homework: Several homework problems will be assigned in every week. Homework is to be submitted in the beginning of the Monday class session. No late homework will be accepted. Three lowest grades will be dropped in the homework grading (10% of the total grade) as a “make-up” policy. Therefore, if unavoidable things occur (e.g., sickness, juror duty, or traffic jam) and you cannot turn in your homework, use this policy. Again, no late homework will be accepted. Homework must be neat and clear. Please use a pencil and an eraser. All dimensional quantities must have proper units. Show diagrams and computation processes. Underline the final answer. O nly a few randomly selected problem
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Engr210_Fall2011_Syl (1) - ENGR 210(71274 SECTION 002...

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