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MatlabForSolvingEqns - forget the square brackets or the...

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First, boot up Matlab Matlab initial screen looks like this (it may be slightly different.) Assume that you are solving the following simultaneous algebraic equations, 2x 1 – 3x 2 =5 6x 1 + 10x 2 =3 These can be written is a matrix form, Ax = b, where ܣ ൌ ቂ 2 െ3 6 10 ቃ , ݔ ൌ ቂ ݔ ݔ ቃ , ܽ݊݀ ܾ ൌ ቂ 5 3 Type in Matlab Command Window as A=[2 -3; 6 10] Matlab will show what you typed in after you hit the carriage return (see the next screenshot). Don’t
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Unformatted text preview: forget the square brackets or the semi-colon in the brackets. (You can stop Matlab from repeating your input by adding a semi-colon at the end (i.e., A=[2 -3; 6 10];).) Next, type in b=[5 3]’ Matlab will repeat it in a similar manner (see below). Don’t forget the apostrophe. Then you can solve the x vector (i.e., x 1 and x 2 ) by typing in x=A\b or alternatively, x=inv(A)*b From these, x 1 = 1.5526 and x 2 = -0.6316...
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