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Week1_1 - ENGR210 Fall 2011 What is statics Deals with the...

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ENGR210, Fall 2011 1 What is statics? Deals with the equilibrium of bodies that are subjected to the action of forces. Use F ree B ody D iagrams (FBD) frequently to solve for forces acting bodies ( FBD is a very important tool for mechanical engineering). From FBDs, develop equilibrium equations and solve for unknowns. The bodies are at rest or move with a constant velocity (i.e., no accelerations <-> Dynamics ) “Bodies” Particle: A particle has a mass, but its size can be neglected. So, the geometry is not involved in the analysis. Rigid body : A rigid body can be considered as a combination of a large number of particles in which all the particles remain at a fixed distance one another (i.e., no deformation). The geometry is involved in the analysis.
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ENGR210, Fall 2011 2 “Significant figures” The number of significant figures contained in any number determines the accuracy of the number. Example: o 2.3 -> two significant figures o 0.0582 -> three significant figures o 4.321 (10 -3 ) -> four significant figures
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