Ink - Derek Waters English 102 9/28/11 Dear Goochinator,...

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Derek Waters English 102 9/28/11 Dear Goochinator, This paper was very enjoyable to write. I had wanted to get a tattoo for some time before writing this paper, and an explorative paper fit perfectly into my life. I decided to explore my thoughts and concerns on the subject and see what other people thought about tattoos. Then my thoughts extended past just what my friends and I thought of tattoos, and to what society as a whole thought of them. I first went about my research by talking to my friends and peers in classes who I had noticed had tattoos. I also did the normal online research, looking at peer reviewed articles and reading forums where people discussed their tattoos and thoughts about them. I even went a step further; I actually got a tattoo. This gave me the ability to put my own input on what it is like to have a tattoo. The only problem I had was finding a lot of educational resources. Overall, I feel this paper has just breached the surface. The more I wrote and explored the topic, the more questions developed. An addition to this paper I would like is to include is an in depth segment on my experience getting a tattoo; get more into the culture of tattoos. I would describe the atmosphere of the tattoo parlor, how the artist was as a person, and what it was like actually having the needle put to the skin. V/R, Derek Waters Derek Waters Goochey 9/28/11
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Ink A needle stabbing you thousands of times. A dark scar that will be there the rest of your life. And you are paying money for all of it. Sounds like some sort of twisted masochist ritual. It’s called a tattoo. The tattoo plays a large role in certain segments of western society, but why? I myself recently took a stab at it and decided to put the needle to my skin. It took a lot of deliberation about whether or not it was the right decision for me to make. My thoughts about this choice with such long-lasting repercussions led me to thinking, why does anyone? The goal of this paper is to discover the answer to that question. Is it for a deep, personal reason? And if so, what is the purpose of marking your body forever? Is it to pay tribute to that person? Is it to show the world something that you deem important, or to remind yourself? Or is usually for cosmetic reasons? Such as fitting a specific clique or image or simply because it looks cool. Getting a tattoo is a growing craze. As of 2011, it is estimated that 40 million, or 15%, of Americans have at least one tattoo. This is a large increase compared to the findings by Life Magazine in 1936, recording 10 million, or 6%, of Americans with tattoos (Patterson). Tattoos seem to particularly prevalent among people my age, 19, up to 25. Including myself, three out of four of my roommates have at least one tattoo. The roommate without intends on getting one as soon as he has the money and can think of what to get. The high percentage of individuals with tattoos in my apartment may not accurately reflect how popular tattoos are, but just show how
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Ink - Derek Waters English 102 9/28/11 Dear Goochinator,...

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