Athenian Democracy

Athenian Democracy - Alexander Antone Nunes Professor Anna...

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Alexander Antone Nunes Professor Anna Felton History 101: Western Civilization 3 February 2011 The Rise of Democracy in Athens The concept of government and rule has been common throughout the history of the world. From Hammurabi's code to our own modern day government. Democracy had it's roots within Athenian society and has expanded and changed as time has progressed. As city states in ancient Greece become to come together and modernize, Athens was in a league of their own with Pericles as the forerunner for Athenian Democracy. At the very base level, Athenian society was broken up into three distinct groups; slaves and metics, who had no political rights or the ability to own land, however, metics were allowed to live in the city permanently, and citizens, who were men and woman born from Greek parents. This class difference would change over time and define how government worked in Athens. As Athens emerged from conflicts against Persia military influence in the government became a staple. In Athenian government ten generals were elected by the people to serve (Slaughter 36). These generals had the ability to be reelected as many times as possible and had a dominant role over government. This is slightly like how our government works today, however, we have limits and restrictions on who we vote for. The representatives elected in today's society have term limits and rarely are given as much freedom as the generals were. As Pericles enters the political sphere he will hold onto his position for most of his career and work towards
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Athenian Democracy - Alexander Antone Nunes Professor Anna...

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