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Alexander Nunes Mac Test English 267 Survey of Brit. Lit. 4 March 2011 Traversing the unknown In tales of old the gallant hero often faces trials and tribulations that modern day people rarely face. Modern day society has the luxury of automobiles and aircrafts that safely transport us to our bubbles of safety while knights and heroes had to traverse the wilderness and brave the sea to reach their destination. There is a sense of honor and courage that todays society has lost because of the ease we now have. Heroes like Beowulf fought many a hard battle to secure their titles of being honorable and courageous men in their societies eyes. Wilderness and landscape, to the heroes of old, was another challenge to overcome and was equally as dangerous as the foe the hero had to face. As Beowulf is tested by the monsters he faces he is also tested by the wilderness around him. The environment in which he fights in conspires against him and tests his ability to fight. Such is the case when he recounts the tale of his competition with Breca. “. ..we struggled on for five five nights, until the long flow and the pitch of the waves, the perishing cold, night falling and the winds from the North drove us apart. The deep boiled up and its wallowing sent the sea- brutes wild” (45 Beowulf ). What began as a friendly wager between two companions became a
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Brit. Lit essay - Alexander Nunes Mac Test English 267...

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