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Alexander Nunes Professor Glynn Communications 101 9/11/2011 Communication report #1 Communication is a fundamental part of everyday life. Humans communicate on multiple levels almost every second of the day whether they know it or not. Whether that communication is used in a positive or a negative way, knowingly or unknowingly is another story. As shown in The Break-Up starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, the best of situations can often go awry when communication fails. Listening (Chapter 4)- Listening is an active, complex process that includes being mindful, physically receiving messages, selecting and organizing information, interpreting communication, responding, and remembering. One of the most prevalent examples of the failure of communication between Brooke and Gary is Gary's inability to listen to Brooke. While there are many scenes in the movie that could be used to prove this example, Gary's inability to listen to Brooke plays more of a background role to the eventual problem. Gary didn't buy Brooke the right amount of lemons, he didn't listen when she asked for help, he didn't listen when she said she needed her space, so on and so forth. Listening doesn't just mean the act of listening, Gary didn't see that Brooke was unhappy with their current relationship status and didn't take her considerations to heart and only focused on his wants and needs. Pseudo-listening (Chapter 4)- Pretending to listen but not absorbing the message being conveyed to you.
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One of my favorite examples of a form of miscommunication in the movie. As we see Gary vent to his friend Johnny about the problems he's experiencing, Johnny is listening to what Gary has to say but quickly begins to disregard Gary's thoughts. One example is near the end when the two argue over whether or not “something should be done about this guy”. Gary flat out tells Johnny that he wants nothing to happen but Johnny just persists, agreeing with Gary, but Johnny's expressions show that he really isn't listening to what Gary has to say. Johnny tells him not to worry and that he was listening, but Gary has nothing to do but worry about Johnny doing something. Literal Listening (Chapter 4)- Listening to the literal meaning behind a message.
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Comm. Report 1 - Alexander Nunes Professor Glynn...

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