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Alexander Nunes Professor Glynn Communications 101 10/10/2011 Communication's Report (500) Day's of Summer In the film ( 500) Days of Summer , starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, the film showcases how communication often leads intentions astray and creates conflict. Different individuals use different forms of communication to express how they feel, and Summer (Deschanel), and Tom (Levitt), were two people who were never meant to meet, but did. Ambiguous (Chapter 5)- A meaning or purpose that is either vague and or unclear in it's meaning/intention. A very key concept in the film ( 500) Days of Summer . Summer and Tom were both compatible and incompatible with each other. Tom was someone who based his actions on some sort of concrete foundation. His job, his relationships, and so on. Summer on the other hand was very free spirited; the exact opposite of Tom. Summer gave Tom very ambiguous symbols throughout their ephemeral relationship. It can be argued that she told Tom from the get go of her intentions, but her actions led Tom to believe things were different. This can be seen after the bar scene where Tom gets punched in the face and the two have their argument in Summer's apartment. Her actions didn't match up with her verbal communication leading to a messy and confusing tryst. Abstract (Chapter 5)- Something that is not concrete or tangible and it's meaning varies from person to person. Summer is a symbol throughout the whole film. She is the embodiment of everything that
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Tom could want in a girl. Tom expresses it perfectly in the following quote, “ I love her smile, I love her knees. ..I love it when she sleeps”. He didn't see how she was actually hurting him and he was fixated on his interpretation of “The Perfect Girl” and cast Summer as the role. Her features that Tom loved were something that he constructed, his abstract representation of
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Comm. Report 2 - Alexander Nunes Professor Glynn...

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