Chapter 2 BAIF

Chapter 2 BAIF - Instrument Interpretation • Requires...

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Chapter 2 Basic Instrument Flying Basic Instrument Flying Instrument Scan interpretation Aircraft Control Instrument Scan Cross Check Scanning Instrument Coverage First BAIF Skill to be learned Variables make it necessary to constantly check instruments Work to develop a habit pattern Cross Check Scans Radial Inverted V Rectangular Cross Check Common Errors Fixation- staring at an instrument Omission- leaving out an instrument Emphasis- too much importance on an instrumen
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Unformatted text preview: Instrument Interpretation • Requires most study and analysis • Requires understanding of instrument operation Factors effecting interpretation • Aircraft performance • Maneuvers • Cross check technique • Control technique • Flight Conditions Common Errors • Mostly related to looking at the wrong instruments for the information needed • not understanding • Direct/ Indirect indications...
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