Chapter 5 - How to Use AI • Transitition nInstruments •...

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Primary/ Secondary Instruments Chapter 5 Principles and Concepts Complete Primary instruments Chart Primary Instrument Chart Yaw is included in bank- turning is banking and banking is turning (If coordinated) Primary for Power is either Airspeed indicators (if specified) MP/ Tach Gauge (if you will take what you can get) Primary Instruments Bank Pitch Straight and Level Heading Indicator Alt Turns TC or Turn and Slip Alt, As, VSi Climbs HI or TC ASI or VSi Descents Hi or TC ASI or VSI What to Use in case of Failure Turn Coordinator Time Turns, Use AI bank angle Standard rate turn= TAS/10 +5 Heading Indicator use MC, Use Tc, Time Turns or Mc Turns for rollout, gps Altimeter Use VSI, Transponder, GOS, Manifold Pressure VSI Time Climbs and Descents Airspeed Use Pitch and Power, Listen, Ground Speed Attitude Indicator Loss Use primary/ supporting instruments there may be a little searching for correct attitude workload is increased, but you can still fly the A/C
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Unformatted text preview: How to Use AI • Transitition nInstruments • use AI when transitioning from climb to level or turn to straight • AI is primary during a steep Turn Practice • Straight And level ◦ Primary for Pitch, Bank, Power • Transition to Climb ◦ Pitch, Power, Trim • Established in Climb ◦ Primary for Pitch, Bank. Power • Transition back to Level Flight ◦ Pitch, Power, Trim Primary for Pitch • Alt Primary for Power • ASI Bank • HI Supporting Pitch and Bank • Attitude Indicator Supporting Bank • TC Supporting Pitch • VSI Supporting Power • Tach Altimeter Interpretation • Rate of Needle Movement is just as important as direction Airspeed Pitch relationship • Constant Power + Constant Pitch = Constant Airspeed • Constant Power + Decreased Pitch = Increased Airspeed Review Primary Instruments nfor • St and and level • turns • Climbs • Descents What if we lose any of them?...
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Chapter 5 - How to Use AI • Transitition nInstruments •...

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