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Take Home Exam Answer all Questions: Q. 1 Consider the tree shown below. The numbers on the arcs are the arc lengths; the numbers near states B, C, and D are the heuristic estimates; all other states have a heuristic estimate of 0. Assume that the children of a node are expanded in alphabetical order when no other order is specified by the search, and that the goal is state J. What is the sequence of states expanded by the following search techniques ? - Uniform Cost - Best First – A* Q. 2 Consider the undirected graph shown below. The numbers on the arcs are the arc lengths. Let A be the start state and G be the goal state. Assume you are using a heuristic function h(n) that gives the following heuristic values: h(A) = 5; h(B) = 4; h(C) = 0; h(G) =0 . a) Apply the A* algorithm to obtain the optimal path.
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