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Lecture 2 Week 5

Lecture 2 Week 5 - promoting hiring firing fringe benefits...

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Week 5: Week 5 - Lecture #2 A Chart Comparing the Employment Discrimination Laws, Chapter 51 This chart was created from p 1181 of the 11th edition of the text. When reviewing this ask: What traits are protected under these laws? What employer actions trigger these laws? (When are employers obligated to follow the law?) When do they apply to an employer? Law Protects Trigger Applies Title VII Gender, race, color, religion, national  origin Many employer acts such as determining  employee's pay, raising pay, assigning jobs,  promoting, hiring, firing, deciding which  employee receives training. .. To businesses with 15 or more employees Equal Pay Act Forbids sex discrimination regarding pay Pay All Section 1981 Race and racially characterized national  origin All All Age Discrimination in Employment Act Age, if 40 or older Determining pay, raising pay, assigning jobs, 
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Unformatted text preview: promoting, hiring firing, fringe benefits, etc Generally, 20 employees or more Americans with Disabilities Act A disability (perceived or real) when a qualified person can do the job with reasonable accommodation (or without if accommodation is not needed.) Determining pay, raising pay, assigning jobs, promoting, hiring, firing, etc. 15 employees or more Please note: To prepare these documents, I used Business Law and the Regulatory Environment by Mallor, Barnes, et al , 11th edition, 2001. ISBN: 0072510099 or 0-07231407-9. Any page numbers or citations refer to this text. To hear a case heard by the U.S. Supreme Court via Oyez (Heckler v. Matthews , 1984): Click here for the transcripted oral argument Click here to view a brief of the case...
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