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Lecture 3 Week 5 - Social Security Provides survivor's...

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Week 5: Week 5 - Lecture #3 A Chart Reviewing the Employment Laws, Chapter 51 How do these laws protect employees? Who is covered? When does the law apply to a business? Law Protects Covered Applies Worker's Compensation Allows employees injured at work to  recover damages Most employees If the business has two or more employees  (generally-depends on state) Occupational Safety and Health Act Requires workplace free from certain  hazards Most employees All Family and Medical Leave Act Allows employees to take time off for birth,  adoption, illness of spouse, parent, child,  etc. Most employees Businesses with 50 or more employees Unemployment Compensation Provides money to employees fired  without fault Depends on why employee was fired.  All
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Unformatted text preview: Social Security Provides survivor's benefits, old age benefits, disability benefits, etc. All All ERISA Protects employees' interest in pension plans Employees with pension plans Businesses providing pension plans to employees Fair Labor Standards Act Forbids oppressive child labor, sets minimum wage and overtime standards Most employees All National Labor Relations Act Prohibits unfair labor practices and give employees the right to organize and to bargain collectively All All Please note: To prepare these documents, I used Business Law and the Regulatory Environment by Mallor, Barnes, et al , 11th edition, 2001. ISBN: 0072510099 or 0-07231407-9. Any page numbers or citations refer to this text....
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