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Al Week 7 Case Study - The Parties: Kraft Inc. (Plaintiff)...

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The Parties: Kraft Inc. (Plaintiff) v Federal Trade Commission (Defendant) History of the Case: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) brought a deceptive advertising proceeding against Kraft. This case was ruled in favor of the FTC. Kraft appealed the ruling and the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and the ALJ agreed with the FTC procedure ruling. Kraft appealed once again to the Commission and the Commission upheld the AJL ruling as well as modified the ruling to affect other Kraft Products Kraft appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals. Facts: · In the early 1980’s, Kraft began to lose market share to their competitors less expensive individually wrapped slices of cheese. · Kraft responded with advertisements that stated that their cheese cost more because each slice was mad with 5 oz of milk · The advertisements worked exceptionally well for Kraft and their message went global Plaintiff’s Theory: Kraft contends that the FTC should be required to rely on extrinsic evidence
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