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The Parties: Calvin Franklin (plaintiff) v The Monadnock Company (Defendant) History of the Case: Franklin filed a wrongful discharge suit against the Monadnock Company. Monadnock filed a demurrer and the trial court sustained it, dismissing Franklin’s case. Franklin appealed. Facts: · Franklin was an employee with Monadnock · Franklin and three other co-workers had their safety threatened by a fourth co-worker · Franklin complained to the Human resources department about the threats · Monadnock took no action · The threatening co-worker attempted to stab Franklin a week after the complaint was made · Franklin complained to the police about the incident · A week after the police report, Monadnock discharged Franklin Plaintiff’s Theory: Franklin feels that he was wrongfully discharged from the company, alleging that he was fired because of his complaints about the threats to both HR and the Police Defendant’s Theory: Defendants contend that plaintiff cannot state a wrongful termination
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