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The article that I found for research is entitled “Knowing your rights as a Shareholder”. I found it quite interesting and helpful to understanding the rights of shareholders. The article basically broke down the rights of the common shareholder into six categories. They were: 1. Voting Power on Major Issues 2. Ownership in a portion of the Company 3. The Right to Transfer Ownership 4. An Entitlement to Dividends 5. Opportunity to Inspect Corporate Books and Records 6. The Right to Sue for Wrongful Acts Shareholder rights vary from state to state, and country to country, so it is important to check with your local authorities and public watchdog groups. In North America, however, shareholders rights tend to be more developed than other nations and are standard for the purchase of any common stock. These rights are crucial for the protection of shareholders against poor management. (Investopedia, 2010) The article also explained the priority of each security. It gave a good example of a company
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