Discussion_(WK4) - Discussion (WK4) Empowerment As noted...

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Discussion (WK4) Empowerment As noted Chapter 8, Rue and Byars, Management: Skill and Application conclude: " Empowerment is a form of decentralization that involves giving subordinates substantial authority to make decisions. Under empowerment, managers express confidence in the ability of employees to perform at high levels. Employees are also encouraged to accept personal responsibility for their work." Read the case study below, and then participate in class discussion Motivating Change at Johnsonville Sausage In early 2000s, Johnsonville Sausage was a successful Wisconsin manufacturer. It was growing at an annual rate of 20 percent and steadily increasing market shares in neighboring states. The quality of its products was high, and the organization was a respected member of the community. But CEO Ralph Stayer was worried. As a medium-sized organization, Johnsonville Sausage was neither large enough to promote and advertise its products on the same scale as large producers nor small enough to provide superior customer service as a local producer. Of more concern was that the organization's members did not seem to be aware of the problem and did not care. Every day, Stayer observed peopled bored by their jobs and making thoughtless mistakes. They mislabeled products, used the wrong ingredients in a batch of sausage and in an extreme case, drove the prongs of a forklift through a new wall. Although no one was deliberately wasting money, it was obvious to Stayer that people were not taking responsibility for their work. How could the organization survive a competitive challenge when no one cared about the organization and its success? Over time, Stayer tried many tactics to get his workforce to change. Strategic planning exercises resulted in carefully drawn organization charts and reports that described who was responsible for what and who would report to whom. The discussions were thoughtful and detailed, but nothing happened. In mid-2001 after much soul searching and an employee survey that confirmed his fears about the state of the workforce, Stayer decided that the best way to improve the company was to increase the workers'
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Discussion_(WK4) - Discussion (WK4) Empowerment As noted...

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