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Quiz 5 (WK5) 1. Obtaining the best available people generally involves _____ personnel requirements, ( P. 221 ). (Points: 1) staffing forecasting telecommunting job sharing organic 2. _____ accounting involves determining and recording the value of an organization's human resources, ( P. 245 ). (Points: 1) corporate university human asset accounting vestibule TQM 3. In motivation, _____ produce motives, which lead to the accomplishment of goals, ( P. 265 ). (Points: 1) supervisors individuals needs executives owners 4. Job _____ is an attitude that results from other specific attitudes and factors, ( Pages 275 ). (Points: 1) expectancy instrumentality uncertainty satisfaction reinforcement 5. The _____ function of management involves securing and developing people, ( P. 221 ). (Points: 1) staffing forecasting telecommuting job sharing organic 6. (1) Outline the five major components of employee job satisfaction, ( P. 275 ). (2) How
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are employees motivated at the organization that is the subject of your research paper? (Points: 2) (1) The five major components of job satisfaction are: 1. attitude toward work group 2. general working conditions 3. attitude toward company 4. monetary benefits 5. attitude toward supervision (2) The employees are motivated overall by the opportunity to work for a well-known successful company such as Pizza Hut. Their motivation is maintained daily by the leaders who strive to encourage employees to perform above their current level. From top to bottom all level of employees are offered mentorship in an effort to prepare them for the next stage of leadership. Training is offered and programs such as tuition reimbursement motivate employees to improve upon their technical proficiency. Great benefits and pleasant work environments also motivate the employees at Pizza Hut. 7.
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Quiz_5 - Quiz 5 (WK5) 1. Obtaining the best available...

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