Admittedly my gmat and ielts scores are not among the

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Unformatted text preview: in Visual Basic by myself. The credit evaluation system was accepted by Shenzhen headquarter and soon played an important role in diminishing the loan's risk and enhancing the work efficiency. Basing it as a support system, I put forward a new idea of building a virtual personal loan center on the website. It was the first e-loan platform in the country and soon went very popular. This website provided e-biz channels for customers to do business and attracted attentions from all over the country. In October 2001, this project was awarded the Second Prize of innovative Tech & Products in ABC, Shenzhen branch. Mr. Shang Fulin, our bank’s CEO and president, visited us and gave high praise for the work. He appreciated my ideas about the personal financial innovation and invited me to attend a summit conference to make a speech. I really feel that it was a precious honor for me. 10.A Germany philosopher, Carl Marx once said, “A science could be called a perfect science only when it successfully applied mathematics.” I regard mathematics as a good friend since I learned 3-dimensional gypsum sketching at a young age. I believe it is a kind of languages of nature. After I accomplished the Personal Financial Planning System, I feel that this system is the language of the financial world. This system is aimed to offer investment planning service for customers with a high networth. Cooperating with the former professionals from the Citibank and the Lloyd bank, we widely investigated various investment instruments, such as deposit certificates, stock, bonds, funds, insurance, foreign exchange, gold exchange and so on. We aim to construct the optimal portfolio. As China's domestic financial market is relatively immature and very different from that of ·104· 第 1 部分 自 传 the western country, we have designed financial tools specific to China. During the six months on this project, I deeply researched the capital market, risk management, and macroeconomics. I mastered some importa...
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