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Unformatted text preview: d mathematics, microeconomics and computer programming. 4.As my finance knowledge and computer skills were recognized among faculty members and students, I began to participate in department-wide or campus-wide projects duirng my junior year. The most influential project was Chongqing’s Economic Role in China’s Great West Development. As the city Chongqing, where our university is located, is of vital geographical importance linking the east to west, our university, one of the best business research institutes in west China, undertook the research on the city’s industry structure adjustment policies. I became actively involved in the local taxation policy reforms. As a research assistant, I did plenty of statistics and analysis work with the use of Microsoft Excel and other analysis software. Through investigating huge volume of tax data in various industries, we aimed to find out to what extent the new industrial policy would influence taxation. I also helped in establishing mathematic models on which different speculations could be tried. The precious experience enabled me to master many quantitative analysis techniques. I also taught myself Public Finance and Industry Economics. 5. After graduation in 1999, I came to Shenzhen, a leading city in China’s finance industry with a record of first stock exchange and the biggest volume of investment fund and gold exchange in the country. I made my first step into the real business world by joining the ·108· 第 1 部分 自 传 Agriculture Bank of China (ABC), one of the biggest banks in China and the 21st largest in the world. Starting as a loan officer, my first responsibilities included analyzing the corporate financial statements and examining the credit risk. Through processing and evaluating accounting data, I got the chance to gain insightful comprehension about corporate finance. 6. Before long, I was transferred to the Personal Loan Center. Everyday while I dealt with a big volume of applications, I noticed that the short-term overdue loans kept going up. I then retrieved a great deal of historic loa...
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