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Unformatted text preview: nt financial analytical models such as CAPM and CML. It was such fascinating work that I not only had a chance to learn some advanced theories such as Risk Management and Econometrics, but also had a lot of fun trying out some of my innovative ideas. In fact, developing such a system was the first attempt in China’s banking industry. We are facing both the challenges and opportunities. After all, in late 2002, all the hard work paid up with a success in the market. 11.In 2002, I successfully passed the National Securities and Funds Professional Qualification Examination, which marked a crucial step in the investment banking field. With my growing expertise and creative ability, I published several academic articles in top journals and newspapers. Further more, last year, I was awarded the National Innovative Youth Prize, a very precious honor that only awarded to the outstanding youth. There were only nine prizewinners in China's whole finance circle. I am also proud that I was the youngest one. 12.When I was a teenager, Leonardo Da Vinci is the person I most admired. I admired his spirit of exploration and innovation. Years of in-depth and practical work in finance make me believe that I can do my best in the field I enjoy. In this new century, various new technologies have influenced people's behaviors greatly. We are facing a rather more complicated world. Financial crisis happens more frequently. Some classical theories are challenged. Bill Gates called the traditional banks 'the last dinosaurs'. How can the Finance industry break though itself? For the past few years, I have investigated how to develop more advanced analytical methods, how to implement new technologies into the financial industry. Compared with a new economy, Finance industry should not just run after new technology and lose its creative spirit. On the other hand, is should actively play a leading role. It should take part in making the new game rules. By the means of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, we could do better than ever before in the area...
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