Also i mastered some important financial analytical

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Unformatted text preview: pursue. Also, I have seen myself cultivating a stronger character and more career achievements, recognized both in school and at work. With a fairly excellent background built so far, I am keen on accepting new challenges in the increasingly sophisticated finance world and meeting higher personal goals. In view of this, a graduate study at the program of finance at Imperial College, I sincerely believe, will lead me to a higher exploration of myself and my future career. 2.Granted the privileged waiver of the tough National College Entrance Examinations, I was admitted to Chongqing University in 1995, one of the oldest and most prestigious higher institutes in China. I chose the major of Industrial Foreign Trade because of my long time fascination with this field and my dream of riding the tide in the social reform and opening-up of China, which, in my view, will bring about dramatic social changes and social welfare to Chinese people. I also picked up computer science as my minor. Through all four years of college, I was a very hard working student, always keeping myself on the department’s honor list, with scholarships and honors awarded to me each ·107· 成功留学文书写作必备 academic year, listed in detail on my enclosed resume. 3.The most significant part of my study in college, as I look back upon it, was spent reading through a large number of books related to my interest in capital market, accounting, financial management, derivative investment, etc. In addition to the actual finance knowledge I accumulated from this, I also developed efficient study methods that have benefited me over the years by helping me to quickly learn new things. Additionally, the experience as the editor-in-chief for the student economic journal, YINCHU, provided me great opportunities to become informed about current issues in domestic and international finance, accounting and business. This experience particularly broadened my views on different research streams and their backgrounds. Furthermore, in the rigorous study of computer science, I considerably enhanced my logical thinking and reasoning abilities. I excelled in many fundamental courses such as advance...
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