Also i mastered some important financial analytical

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Unformatted text preview: 所培养的热爱和专注于事业的精神。并提到正是这种精神促使 自己不管在学校还是在工作中,都能获得自己引以为荣的性格和成绩。 2.字数由原来的 1960 字减到现在的 1300 字左右。 3.段落之间更为简练。有些琐碎的叙述,如关于自己对将来金融业的看法等被大段 地删除,只将归纳后的主要观点放在结尾。 4.引用格言效果不佳,全部删去。腾出篇幅写有用的东西。 ·110· 第 1 部分 自 传 5.补写为什么申请的原因。 但修改仍然存在以下的问题: 1.篇幅还是过长,应尽可能缩减到 1200 字左右。 2.有些段落中的总结性的话仍然不够简洁。 请看第二修改稿: 1.From a variety of childhood activities, such as long time training in painting and artistic creation, to professional practices in finance and system management, I have seen myself develop a consistent passion and dedication to what I pursue. Also I have seen myself cultivating a stronger character and more career achievements, recognized both in school and at work. Standing on the background I have built so far, I am keen on accepting new challenges in the increasingly sophisticated finance world and meeting higher personal goals. In view of this, a graduate study in the program of finance at Imperial College, I sincerely believe, will lead me to a higher exploration of myself and my future career. 2.I gained much intellec...
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