I excelled in many fundamental courses such as

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Unformatted text preview: of network banking, risk management, financial planning and financial tools innovation etc. 13.To make myself more insightful, I now need training in a broader theoretical framework, ·105· 成功留学文书写作必备 which is why I am now eager to pursue further studies in your distinguished program. Admittedly, my GMAT and IELTS scores are not among the best, I hope you can appreciate that my work is very busy with successive projects. I had really hoped to do better, but I hardly found time to prepare. As for my English ability, I often took part in foreign exchanges activities while at university. I made friends with students from the USA and communicated without difficulties. My unsatisfying IELTS score of 6.5 might have been caused by years of lacking practice. I plan to sit the test again on February 2003. However, I hope you will give some consideration here. I have a strong will and deep dedication to take part into your Master’s program. Your strong academic atmosphere is a real attraction for me. 14.In my philosophy, a perfect painting is produced by strong will, original ideas and gifted talent. The same qualities apply to do something better. It is my hope that upon the completion of my studies with you, I will be able to contribute to the modern finance of China. I believe that, with further opening, China's finance industry will have more chances in its economic development. Although there are problems that we meet every day, I would like to introduce a word by Dave Coulter, the former president of bank of America, to all those who believe banks are the last dinosaurs, I would like to say “welcome to the Jurassic park!” Facing numerous challenges, I have high ideals in this area that I love. I may open a consultancy company or become an analyst in the future. I only got to know that we will become powerful and fearless when we master the essence of human beings and knowledge. That is just what I hope you will be able to give me in the coming semester. 初稿长达 1966 字,由 14 段组成。 其优点有:...
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