I then retrieved a great deal of historic loan data

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Unformatted text preview: and CML. 8.In 2002, I successfully passed the National Securities and Funds Professional Qualification Examination, marking a crucial step into the investment banking field. With my expertise and creative ability, I published several academic articles in top journals and newspapers, as referred to in the resume. Further more, I was awarded the National Innovative Youth Prize last year, a very precious honor only awarded to outstanding youth. There were only nine prize winners in domestic finance area and I am proud that I was the youngest one of them. 9.It goes without saying that my strength in applied mathematics played a vital role in all the developed financial systems described above, for no system can be developed without applying very strict algorithms and mathematic tools. It is also apparent that it shall continuously assure me of future success in my expected graduate study, especially in a learning environment like yours where courses are more quantitatively based and innovation is strongly emphasized. Meanwhile, my expertise achieved so far in the various finance areas will enable me to make the most out of the prospective study. I deem your school as a perfect fit for a person like me who is eager to gain more integrated and profound skills and senses so as to contribute better to modern finance of China. Upon completion of the studies with you, I will come back to China. I may open a financial consulting company or become an experienced banker. No matter how complicated the international investing environment will be, and no matter how immature our financial system is, it is my everlasting goal to fully realize my value in helping China constructing a healthier and more scientific financial kingdom. I appreciate your time on my application and expect your most favorable consideration. 第一次对原稿中所做的修改有: 1.完全修改了开头部分。虽然还是提到了绘画和艺术创作方面的经历,但主要是用 来说明自己在成长过程...
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