It was the first e loan platform in the country and

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Unformatted text preview: ic opening, I chose Industrial Foreign Trade as my major, and Computer Science, one of my other interests, as my minor. 5.In college time, every academic year I got the General Scholarship, a scholarship only awarded to the most excellent students. However, I do not think I am a good test taker. Most of the time, I liked to sit in the library, not for the tests but for my widely interested courses such as capital market, finance and accounting and derivative investment. I ·102· 第 1 部分 自 传 developed an efficient study method at a young age, providing more time to learn new things. During the experience of being editor-in-chief in a student economic journal YINCHU, we students cordially discussed current issues in the fields of finance, accounting and business. It was a special experience where I could be in contact with widely different ideas and thinking methods. In addition, through my computer science’s study, I enhanced my logic thinking ability considerably. Out of a class of 60, I excelled in advanced mathematics, microeconomics and computer programming. 6.During my second academic year, I met my finance teacher. While she was very strict, her sharp and intriguing ideas impressed me deeply. I soon became captivated in this profound old science and achieved the highest scores in related courses. Since then, I solidified my interest in this field. Under her seasoned guidance, I took a number of extra courses, such as securities investment, Asset Market, Finance and Accounting, Risk Management, etc. 7.Since my junior year, I have spent a lot of time on research. It was because of my strong computer skills that I was able to participate in the projects at such an early stage. Our topic was Chongqing’s Economic Role in China’s Great West Development Project. Chongqing is the pivotal city linking the east to west and the economic center of west China. The Government invited my college, one of the best business research institutes in western China, to do some...
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