My performance in many fundamental courses such as

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Unformatted text preview: n data to look for the reasons. I listed out all the possible factors causing this, looked into their contributions to the overdue loans, and then counted out their probabilities linked to the overdue loan. In this way, I independently established a new mathematical model to evaluate the risk and developed a program in visual BASIC. The so-called Credit Evaluation System was soon accepted by Shenzhen headquarter and quickly played an important role in reducing loan risks and enhancing efficiency. Using it as a support system, I brought forward a new idea of building a virtual personal loan center on the website. It was the first e-loan platform in the country and soon became very popular. It provided e-biz channels for customers to do business and attracted attention from all over the country. In October 2001, this project was awarded the Second Prize of innovative Tech & Products in ABC, Shenzhen branch. Mr. Shang Fulin, CEO and president of our bank, visited us and sang high praise for the work. He appreciated my ideas about the personal financial innovation and invited me to attend a summit conference to make a speech, which I regard as a precious honor for a young employee in such a big corporation. 7.Next, I participated in another project where we developed the Personal Financial Planning System, aimed at offering investment planning service for high-tech customers. Such systems were first trial ones in China market and we were faced with many challenges and opportunities. Collaborating with former professionals from Citibank and Lloyd bank, we thoroughly investigated various investment media such as deposit certificates, stock, bonds, funds, insurance, foreign exchange, gold exchange and so on. We designed specific financial tools to construct the optimal portfolio for the relatively immature financial market in China. During the six months on the project, I researched the capital market, risk management and macroeconomics. Also I mastered some important financial analytical ·109· 成功留学文书写作必备 models such as CAPM...
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