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Unformatted text preview: research on the city’s Industry Structure Adjustment policies. One of policies is on local taxation policy reforms. As a research assistant, I did a lot of statistic and analysis work. Using EXCEL and other analysis software, we investigated huge volumes of tax data in different industries. We aimed to see that, to what extent, the new industrial policy would influence the taxation. I also helped in establishing mathematic models for trying the different speculations. From this precious experience, I mastered many quantitative analysis techniques and learnd the courses of Public Finance and Industry Economics. 8.After graduation in 1999, I came to Shenzhen, a leading city in China’s finance industry. To me, the city seems to be a very ideal place to learn more about finance. The city boasts of having the first stock exchange and the biggest volume of investment fund and gold exchange in the country. I made my first step into the real business world by joining the Agricultural Bank of China, one of the biggest banks in China, ranking 21st in the world by ·103· 成功留学文书写作必备 bankers. Starting work as a loan officer, I was responsible for analyzing the corporate financial statements and examining the credit risk. In the process of investigating the loans, I developed excellent quantitative techniques to analyze accounting data and valuate the corporate finance. In this way, I had a chance to make an insightful comprehension about corporate finance. 9.Afterwards, I was transferred to the Personal Loan Center. Everyday I dealt with a large volume of applications. I noticed that the short-term overdue loans kept growing up so I retrieved a great deal of historic loan data to look for the reasons. I listed out all the possible factors, investigating their different contributions to the overdue loans, then counting out their probabilities linking with the overdue loan. In this way, I independently established a new mathematical model to evaluate risk and developed a program...
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