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01.Chapter09 - 9

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9 如何恰当选词造句,驾驭英语语言 通过前面的章节,如果您已经了解了组成自传的各方面内容,逐步斟酌了最能真实 体现自己独特性的强项,确定了关键的取材立意,也已经有了比较满意的主题大纲段落, 换句话说,几经修改,已经有一个现成的取材完整的稿子了,那么现在您就要仔细推敲 文章中的写作技巧是否得当、语言与逻辑是否正确合理。您得时刻提醒自己招生委员会 的评委们在申请旺季时每天要读上几百封申请信,他们要饱受时间的压力。所以在每一 篇申请信上稍做停留时,申请人原创的思想、良好的结构、简洁的语言、娴熟的写作技 巧会削减他们的疲劳,增加他们的兴趣。反之,流水账似的纪录、没有要点的段落、空 泛的词汇、零碎的句子结构,会使他们眉头紧皱。本章我们就语言运用和写作技巧进行 探讨。虽然这两点取决于长期有意识的训练和积累,但当您递出申请文章前,请仔细按 以下几条检查一下,这将对您大有裨益。 9.1 过渡词 一篇好的文章里,论点或叙述的展开是由句子与句子间,段落与段落之间良好的过 渡来体现的。文章读来是否条理顺畅、论点论据充分、甚至一气呵成,除了取决于取材 立意外,就是对段落句子间过渡的安排了。英文中有许多用来表达不同的意思过渡的词, 现列举如下: 叙述下文进一层的事实: as well, and, additionally, furthermore, also, too, in addition, another, besides, moreover 用来表示事件的先后顺序: first of all, meanwhile, followed by, then, next, before, after, last, finally, one month later, one year later 表示事物不同的重要性: first, second etc., next, last, finally, more importantly, more significantly, above all,
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成功留学文书写作必备 · 116 · primarily 举例说明: for example, for instance, to illustrate, this can be seen 表示事情的结果或效果: as a result, thus, consequently, eventually, therefore 引出与前面观点相反的内容: nonetheless, however, yet, but, though, on the other hand, although, even though, in contrast, unlike, differing from, on the contrary, instead, whereas, nevertheless, despite, regardless of 表示与前面内容相比较: in a different sense, similarly, likewise, similar to, like, just as, conversely 灵活运用这些过渡词能使文章显得条理清楚、说服力强、可信度高。请看下面这段 文字中过渡词的用法: With a clear goal in mind, I embarked on the journey that shall lead to my ultimate lifelong pursuit of environmental protection. And so far I have already experienced an exciting course full of adventures and discoveries. First of all, my hunger for knowledge was heightened and my interest in research was intensified during my undergraduate years at XXX, where a full
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